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All in the name: Loudmouse

Welcome to The Weekly Squeak! A little update from the mouse that's hopefully thought-provoking, funny, interesting or useful in some way. Perhaps all four, if you're lucky!

So, why Loudmouse? Naming a business is a tricky decision. You must love it (you're going to have to live with it for a while!), know that it will resonate with your customers appropriately and, from a practical perspective, be unique in your geographical operating area.

Those aspects hopefully ticked, there are a few reasons behind the name Loudmouse...

  • Mice are small! But they can wreak havoc. Ever lived in an old farmhouse without a cat?! Loudmouse has the ability to make a lot of noise for small to medium-sized businesses.

  • A lot of our work is computer-based, so it's noise created by a mouse.

  • A play-on words... the loudmouse is likeable, the loudmouth is not!

Obvious probably, but I've been asked a couple of times, so here it is!

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